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Led Flame Light

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Led Flame Light
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The Flame effect lamp both illuminates & decorates so is ideally suited to many public outdoor spaces such as hotels, clubs & pubs, also retail spaces such as shopping centres & high street locations. Domestically great in the garden & around the house,decking areas, patios & BBQ pits plus general security lighting around the property. The Flame effect lamp contains 99 surface mounted LEDs which when powered up create a fabulous Fire Effect image. The Flame effect lamp is a great innovation which delivers the most stunning effect.


LED Flame Light looks like frosted lantern/lampshade.

Freely change the modes with a common on/off switch.

Creates romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

Great for horeca, home decoration, Christmas, Halloween.

Suitable for every household and outdoor garden.

Look How it Works!


Led Flame Lamp
Live flame emulation effect, breathing mode and general lighting effect via your switch.
Ideal for home decor, creates an incredible atmosphere.
Best variant for outdoor and home gardening.
Multi-function mode: flickering mode-like moving flaming fire from the bulb base to the top.
Safe and green energy saving - excellent heat dissipation and environmental protect.
The best lamp for Home, Bedroom, Living Room, Horeca, Villas, Wedding , Party, Church, Castle etc.


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Led Flame Light

Best Seller
Led Flame Light
€27.99 Regular price €55.98 Sale price
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